In the late 2000’s, Shane Cross began a musical journey spanning numerous sub-genres of electronic dance music. Residing in Adelaide, South Australia, Shane currently focuses on producing quality Progressive “Trance 2.0” and downtempo electronic music with the mission to create music that connects with people.

With a career spanning ten years in Australia’s electronic music scene, Shane Cross has become a regular name in just about every Adelaide night club as well as on the cities premier electronic music FM radio station Fresh 92.7. Shane has co-hosted over 600 hours of one of Australia’s longest running electronic music radio shows “Global Trance”, recently re-branding the show with the new name “Your Unity” to reflect the connection fans of this genre have with the music, as well as with each other. Before becoming directly involved in the production of the radio show, the music produced by Shane was on regular rotation at the station with “Reality” reaching #10 in the Fresh 92.7 Top 92 of 2009 and was remixed by International Trance sensation MaRLo, “Outback Dawn” hitting #18 in 2010 and “Absolution” reaching #21 on the stations Top 92 chart in 2012.

It was from 2011 where Shane’s music started to reach a wider audience with requests for remixes received from interstate and overseas. Remixes include for Melbourne artist Nick Jay and his release “Something About You” featuring the vocals of ARIA Chart topper Melissa Tkautz and two remixes delivered for Mexico’s Andy Woldman for his productions “Always” and “Forget To Remember”. Furthermore, a new chapter in songwriting collaboration began when Shane Cross met then Sydney-based singer/songwriter Lee Safar, producing a record for her “Laundry After Midnight” album titled “Illusions”. Collaboration on the album sparked a new friendship which in turn led to production of the follow-up single “Fallen”. The effect of Shane’s collaboration with Lee intensified with twelve months of personal and spiritual development and re-connecting to the mission at an emotionally deeper level.

2015 saw Shane Cross re-connect with long time friend and musician Jess Porter, joining forces to re-produce the Trance classic “Walk Away” by Mark Sherry and Terry Ferminal. The lyrics in the original record “what is this thing that makes you fall apart?” resonated with Shane and uncovered painful past experiences that the creative process does so well at healing. This collaboration shifted the direction of music and set Shane Cross on a new path to further understanding the emotional attachment almost every Trance and Progressive Trance admirer has towards the genre.

The following release “Where We Belong” linked Shane’s personal connection to music through the phrase “we belong together” and featured his very first vocal recording released on American-based record label Cloudland Music. A thirst for recording his own vocals was born and two contrasting releases followed. Downtempo piece “Just Breathe” was originally intended as an electronica experiment but the healing that came from the creation of the song demonstrated that the true calling of Shane Cross was to reveal personal fears through music in order to let go of the past. “Just Breathe” reached the #1 spot on the Triple J Unearthed Electronic chart and #4 in the overall chart and has subsequently been featured in a promotional video by the Australian Cricketers’ Association. The most recent dance music release “Were You Wrong?” was, in itself, the answer to a question brought upon by much heartache and despair. This production was the first to be fully versed, produced, and vocals performed by Shane Cross and demonstrates his resolve; to create music that connects with people. “Were You Wrong?” also hit the Triple J Unearthed chart, reaching #1 in the Dance category and #7 overall.

Ten years of electronic music in Australia. Over 600 hours of live, on-air radio experience. Multiple days worth of performance time in venues across Australia. At 27 years of age, Shane has been building a career with the sole purpose of creating meaningful connections with people through music in a divided world. Is this what the world needs at such a divisive time? Shane Cross intends to find out.